48 Hours in Seattle

Seattle is a city that wakes up at sunrise and sleeps at sunset, but beauty lies in the hours of awakening. Last week my brother and I traveled along the coast of the Pacific Northwest, flying first to Seattle, Washington. Seattle is a city that provides the perfect amalgamation of a bustling city, peaceful waterways, and delicate mountains, which is visible once you ride the seventy-three floors above the Columbia Tower. The 360 degree view is stunning. I made sure to head up both during the daytime and the nighttime for two different perspectives and made good value of my money ($9)! 

Sky View Morn

Sky View Night

One of my favorite aspects of traveling is Yelping new restaurants to try out. However, the problem with clicking the most reviewed filtered is trying restaurants and cafes that are the most popular, but it might not be the best (something to keep in the mind).  For an early morning breakfast, we headed to The London Plane. The London Plane is a flower shop, bakery, souvenir shop, and restaurant all in one. The service was amazing; it gave me such a bright, first impression of Seattle, and the food was beautifully decorated. I had one of their seasonal yogurts, and I loved the dash of pumpkin seed. My brother had a simple croissant with cured ham, but we both thought the overall food was just alright.

The London Plane Ellenos

Next stop? More food. Some of my favorites at Pike Place Market were Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt and Pike Place Chowder. At Ellenos, I recommend the flavor: Marionberry Pie. Not only can you taste the perfectly whipped yogurt and sweet berries, but the extra crumble from the pie provides an unexpected, yet welcomed crunch.


Walking down Pike Place Market, the Waterfront Park was undergoing quite a bit of construction, so I headed on the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Bainbridge Island is a beautiful, serene, suburban neighborhood. The fresh air tickles your nose. I was in love with the peaceful, idyllic, environment. If you love the outdoors, I would definitely recommend checking this island out. We walked along the Waterfront Trail; the walk was easy, and the views were breathtaking. 


At night, we made a quick trip to Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room. The ambience of the tasting room was very welcoming and conversational. I’m not a huge fan of coffee unless it’s to help me pull an all-nighter, and just as expected, I couldn’t tell if the coffee here was good or not. Still, I picked up a few mugs here as souvenirs!


After I was blessed with a day of sunshine, Seattle welcomed me with its highly expected rainy weather.  I headed to University District and checked out the adorable, homey cafe, Morsel. The place was packed, granted it is a popular location for University of Washington students. I had the Spanish Fly, which consists of a prosciutto, a fried egg, manchego, arugula and pepper aioli, served on a warm biscuit of your choice (I chose the cheddar biscuit). It was one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had. Afterwards, I took a little walk around University of Washington to work off my food belly; I made a stop at Suzzallo Library. At Berkeley, we have a beautiful Reading Room at Doe Library, and I wanted to check out Suzzallo’s Reading Room.The gothic decor is stunning; I felt like a student at Hogwarts. 



Trying to escape the rain, I headed to Chihuly Glass Museum, one of Seattle’s biggest attraction. The exhibits were interesting and it was one of the most exquisite and unique museum I’ve entered. I can’t even fathom how each gallery was created, the amount of time and effort and talent is immeasurable.



Seattle is definitely known for its array of coffee shops. There’s so many to choose from, but for the last one I headed to Moore Coffee Shop, a cafe known for its latte art, in Belltown. The prices were extremely afford, the ambience was classy, and the decor charming and elegant. I ordered the green tea latte and it was delicious, but I wouldn’t recommend their sandwiches. Although the ingredients were fresh for my ham & avocado sandwich; the pairing with mustard was easily classified in my books as a failed recipe.


In a lot of ways Seattle reminded me of San Francisco (where I spend 3/4 of my year) because of the hilly landscape, beautiful coast, dining options, and plentiful tourist attractions. On the other hand it has majestic mountains faded into the background, serene lakes, and architecture that are unparalleled to other cities. Seattle is truly stunning.

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